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5.23. Filters

Show custom fields in the filter dialog and use these in filtering. Defaults to ON.
The number of filter fields to display per row. The default is 8.
$g_view_filters = SIMPLE_DEFAULT;
Controls the display of the filter pages. Possible values are:
  • SIMPLE_ONLY - only allow use of simple view
  • ADVANCED_ONLY - only allow use of advanced view (allows multiple value selections)
  • SIMPLE_DEFAULT - defaults to simple view, but shows a link for advanced
  • ADVANCED_DEFAULT - defaults to advanced view, but shows a link for simple
$g_use_dynamic_filters = ON;
This switch enables the use of AJAX to dynamically load and create filter form controls upon request. This method will reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred upon each page load dealing with filters and thus will result in speed improvements and bandwidth reduction.
The threshold required for users to be able to create permalinks (default DEVELOPER). To turn this feature off use NOBODY.
The service to use to create a short URL. The %s will be replaced by the long URL. By default https://www.tinyurl service is used to shorten URLs.