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5.40. Due Date

Threshold to update due date submitted. Default is NOBODY.
Threshold to see due date. Default is NOBODY.
Default due date value for newly submitted issues: Empty string for no due date set. Related date that is accepted by strtotime(), e.g. 'today' or '+2 days'. Default is ''.
Due date warning levels. A variable number of Levels (defined as a number of seconds going backwards from the current timestamp, compared to an issue's due date) can be defined. Levels must be defined in ascending order.
  • The first entry (array key 0) defines Overdue. Normally and by default, its value is 0, meaning that issues will be marked overdue as soon as their due date has passed. However, it is also possible to set it to a higher value to flag overdue issues earlier, or even use a negative value to allow a "grace period" after due date.
  • Array keys 1 and 2 offer two levels of Due soon: orange and green. By default, only the first one is set, to 7 days.
Out of the box, MantisBT allows for 3 warning levels. Additional ones may be defined, but in that case new due-N CSS rules (where N is the array's index) must be created otherwise the extra levels will not be highlighted in the UI.