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5.13. Date

These variables control how the date is displayed. The default is ISO 8601 formatting.
Please refer to the PHP manual for details on available formatting options.
This format is used in the bug listing pages (eg: View Bugs). Default is Y-m-d.
This format is used in the view/update bug pages, bug notes, manage section, and news section. Default is Y-m-d H:i.
This format is used on the top of each page (current time) and the emails that are sent out. Default is Y-m-d H:i T.
This format is used with the datetime picker widget. Default is Y-MM-DD HH:mm.


The formatting convention for the DateTime picker is different from the one used for the other date settings described above; see Moment.js documentation for details.


This format needs to match the one defined in $g_normal_date_format. Inconsistencies between these two settings, e.g. using different date ordering (DMY, MDY or YMD) or displaying the month as a number vs a word or abbreviation, may result in unexpected behavior such as an invalid interpretation of the date by the DateTime picker widget, or errors trying to save a modified date.