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5.25. Cookies

Specifies the path under which a cookie is visible.
All scripts in this directory and its sub-directories will be able to access MantisBT cookies.
Default value is '/'. It is recommended to set this to the actual MantisBT path.
The domain that the MantisBT cookies are available to.
Prefix for all MantisBT cookies
This should be an identifier which does not include spaces or periods, and should be unique per MantisBT installation, especially if $g_cookie_path is not restricting the cookies' scope to the actual MantisBT directory.
It applies to the cookies listed below. Their actual names are calculated by prepending the prefix, and it is not expected for the user to need to change these.
  • $g_string_cookie
  • $g_project_cookie
  • $g_view_all_cookie
  • $g_manage_users_cookie
    Stores the filter criteria for the Manage Users page
  • $g_manage_config_cookie
    Stores the filter criteria for the Manage Config Report page
  • $g_logout_cookie
  • $g_bug_list_cookie