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5.28. Bug History

Bug history is a feature where MantisBT tracks all modifications that are made to bugs. These include everything starting from its creation, till it is closed. For each change, the bug history will record the time stamp, user who made the change, field that changed, old value, and new value.
Independent of the these settings, MantisBT will always track the changes to a bug and add them to its history.
Make the bug history visible by default. If this option is not enabled, then the user will have to click on the Bug History link to see the bug history. Default is ON.
Show bug history entries in ascending or descending order. Default value is 'ASC'.
In this context, MantisBT records individual changes to text fields (Description, Steps to Reproduce, Additional Information as well as Bug Notes). These revisions are controlled by the following settings.
Access level required to view bug history revisions. Defaults to DEVELOPER.


Users can always see revisions for the issues and bugnotes they reported.
Access level required to drop bug history revisions. Defaults to MANAGER.