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5.21. Authentication

5.21.1. Global authentication parameters

Specifies which method will be used to authenticate. It should be one of the following values (defaults to MD5):
  • MD5 - user's password is stored as a hash in the database
  • LDAP - authenticates against an LDAP (or Active Directory) server
In addition, the following deprecated values are supported for backwards-compatibility, and should no longer be used:
  • PLAIN - password is stored in plain, unencrypted text in the database
Note: you may not be able to easily switch encryption methods, so this should be carefully chosen at install time. However, MantisBT will attempt to "fall back" to older methods if possible.
Determines whether MantisBT will require the user to re-authenticate before granting access to the Admin areas after timeout expiration. Defaults to ON
Duration of the reauthentication timeout, in seconds. Defaults to 5 minutes.