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Chapter 1. About MantisBT

1.1. What is MantisBT?
1.2. Who should read this manual?
1.3. License
1.4. How to get it?
1.5. About the Name
1.6. History
1.7. Support
1.8. MantisBT News
1.9. Versioning

1.1. What is MantisBT?

MantisBT is a web based bug tracking system that was first made available to the public in November 2000. Over time it has matured and gained a lot of popularity, and now it has become one of the most popular open source bug/issue tracking systems. MantisBT is developed in PHP, with support to multiple database backends including MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL.
MantisBT, as a PHP script, can run on any operating system that is supported by PHP and has support for one of the DBMSes that are supported. MantisBT is known to run fine on Windows, Linux, macOS and a variety of Unix operating systems.