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Summary0009193: "Selected project" state should be client-side not server-side

The fact that Mantis keeps state server-side for the selected project is really limiting. Lots of people these days use tabs/multiple windows and I often want to be able to have one tab with one project open and another with another project open yet with Mantis as I move around in one window, as soon as I perform an action in the other window, it will jump to the most recently-selected project in the old.

Keeping state server-side like this and the way it causes cross-window interactions is very confusing and user-unfriendly. It is the frequent cause of mis-filed bugs etc. in a multi-project system.

Mantis should really pass the project ID around client-side (i.e. in GET/POST fields) to avoid this problem.

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related to 0020098 new Changing project specific configuration management applies to current project, not "intended" project 


Blue Ninja

Blue Ninja

2008-05-28 14:23

reporter   ~0017929

I agree. This will also simplify features talked about in the forums such as being able to report to a sub-project directly.



2018-04-12 07:10

reporter   ~0059539

Yes, this would be great. Related to: 0023741, 0005790 and other.

HTML5 introduced the local storage[1] which could be used for this purpose. You can even store JSON objects with a tiny hack[2].




2018-04-12 07:28

developer   ~0059541

@npeifer contributions are welcome.

Send us a Pull Request on our Github repository



2020-03-12 05:19

reporter   ~0063745

Another possible way of solving it would be using some query parameter - project_id? That would store id of currently selected project. Mantis would then set on each request current project by setting $g_project_override variable to project_id query. On project selection, redirect url would have to change project_id to newly selected project. Cookie version could stay for a while to make project selection working as badly as now for urls that wouldn't have project_id specified.

url generating functions like project_page would have to be updated to append project_id and manually written urls would have to be updated too. Non updated urls would still use the cookie version.

contribution welcome?

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