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0000895mantisbtemailpublic2014-11-07 14:59
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Summary0000895: bugzilla type diff email instead of full bug each time.

One nice feature of bugzilla is the way that it shows you in an email what has changed in a bug, by showing you before and after. For example, below you can see exactly what was changed.

-OS: Linux
+OS: GNU/Linux [Other]
OS Details: Redhat 7.1 Ximian Gnome 1.4
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Priority: Cosmetic
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related to 0004278 new Summary email vs detailed email 
related to 0013692 new Extending e-mail notifications with a short summary of changed properties 




2004-04-20 14:45

reporter   ~0005393

I second this. To me, the primary purpose of emails in a bug tracker is to convey updates. If when reading an update email one has to repeatedly skip large blocks of information that has not changed, it lowers the usability of the email feature drastically.

That said, I'm sure there are folks who prefer the entire contents of a bug to be sent in an email. That, in addition to the volume of other individual feature requests pertaining to the email feature, leads me to believe that perhaps a major redesign of the email feature is in order, to accommodate very detailed customization -- perhaps through a set of template-style config files?



2004-10-05 07:42

reporter   ~0007906

Resolved with patch included in issue 0004278



2005-08-04 12:05

reporter   ~0011070

well, the summary email is interesting, but I like much more the way Bugzilla works: you get only the information you need, and not the whole history of the bug..



2005-09-16 08:10

reporter   ~0011378

+1 vote for diff email (if it counts....?)



2007-09-16 12:55

reporter   ~0015644

@ DGtlRift:

This looks anything but fixed, so I'm moving Resoution to "open"

Are you still working/willing to work on this?



2009-06-13 04:00

developer   ~0022122

Unassigning this after more than 4 years being assigned without a resolution.



2009-08-18 14:36

reporter   ~0022752

Okay, I've been on quite a haitous for some time burried in a corporate project - but I will have some time in the next couple of weeks to put some effort into this. @Giallu, I've seen the wiki notes, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what should be done? Is this dependent on a templates system or is it still stand alone?



2009-09-01 05:53

reporter   ~0022841

sorry for the delay. here is my 0.02 on the topic.

I would not consider a templates system to be a prerequisite for implementing this. We just need to not hardwire presentation code ion the feature's logic so we can later plug-in whatever templating system we may add to mantis.

Please feel free to have a look at the current code and see if you can make up a plan, I will be more than happy to help you on this.



2012-08-08 15:46

developer   ~0032519

Unassigned after years of inactivity

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