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0008706mantisbtemailpublic2009-03-27 23:29
Reportershaddyz Assigned Togiallu  
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Product Version1.1.0 
Fixed in Version1.2.0a1 
Summary0008706: Bad email headers for notifications

My mail server rejected an email sent from mantis because of its headers.

Steps To Reproduce

You must be using Postfix w/ amavis-new installed with the sendmail replacement. Postfix will append its headers of Message-ID and then amavis will get mad:

X-Amavis-Alert: BAD HEADER, Duplicate header field: "Message-ID"

Mantis should only add custom headers that are prefixed with an X- to avoid situations such as this. I have included my changes to email_api.php below to reflect this.

Additional Information
    # build headers
    $t_bug_id = $p_visible_bug_data['email_bug'];
    $t_message_md5 = md5( $t_bug_id . $p_visible_bug_data['email_date_submitted'] );
    $t_mail_headers = array( 'X-Keywords' => $p_visible_bug_data['set_category'] );
    if ( $p_message_id == 'email_notification_title_for_action_bug_submitted' ) {
        $t_mail_headers['X-Message-ID'] = "<{$t_message_md5}>";
    } else {
        $t_mail_headers['X-In-Reply-To'] = "<{$t_message_md5}>";
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2008-01-05 05:12

reporter   ~0016555

I agree on your diagnosis (I always thought having duplicate Message-IDs was a kludge) but the proposed solution does not work.

We add those two headers to allow for proper threading of messages (and it works like a charm, at least in Thunderbird); adding the X- prefix to those basically breaks it.

I think that what we need instead is phpmailer (the library we use for sending mails) to expose a method for setting the Message-ID, so we can still set it with the same strategy as today.



2008-01-10 12:39

reporter   ~0016624

If you are able to set the message-id that would be a good solution, however, I'm not sure if that is possible from what I've been looking at in postfix. If not, maybe it can be an option in the config so it can be turned off? Thanks for the quick response.



2008-02-08 18:59

reporter   ~0016987

I submitted a patch to phpmailer to have a configurable message-id.

and modified our code to use it

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MantisBT: master 29ec1030

2008-02-08 23:57:40


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Fix 8706: Bad email headers for notifications

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