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0008225mantisbtfeaturepublic2007-08-10 16:27
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Product Version1.1.0a4 
Summary0008225: Developer journal/blog

As a developer fixes day to day issues or adds new features to a project, it would be helpful to the developer and managers if there could be a journal of some kind specific to each mantis user per project. Essentially, when going to a users page it would give a summary of all journal entries for that user or a per-project listing. The managers of a project would be able to see the journal entries for users specific to their project, and the users could share their project specific or global journal with specific users. This would give a forum to users to jot down notes that are not specific to project or issue, but are relevant for remembering.

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2007-08-10 16:27

reporter   ~0015403

I've added a requirements page but have not added it to the requirements page as I wanted to get some direction as to how this should be approached.