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0007889mantisbtfilterspublic2007-04-11 03:48
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Summary0007889: Useful filters for every day, e.g. all bugs I have a relation to

This has two points:

  1. make filtering easier
  2. two very useful filter settings which cannot be done yet (search for XX below)

The filter feature is useful for geeks but is quite difficult to understand for "normal" people.

I personally (besides being a IT professional / developer) use only very basic filters because it is faster and easier to apply only basic filters and search the list manually thereafter.

Currently there are standard filter (view) and "advanced" filter (view). I think there should be some "easy" or "quick" or "basic" filter (view) which has some often used filters predefined.

Here's a small list. I mark all filters with XX where I don't even know how to create them using the currently available possibilities.

  • XX show me all bugs where I am reporter OR developer (participant)
  • XX show me all bugs where I am reporter OR developer OR watcher (monitoring)
  • show my reported bugs (not closed yet)
  • show my bugs (assigned to me, not closed yet)
  • unassigned bugs (not closed and not assigned)

I think there are three basic sort methods which might be supplied:

  • Bug-ID DESC
  • Last-Change DESC
  • Priority DESC (+ e.g. some secondary crit.)
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