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0007753mantisbtotherpublic2018-01-30 06:55
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Summary0007753: Wiki rights

To create/edit a page, user needs to have a global access level allowing creation/edition of wiki page.

By example, user having the following access level can not edit/create pages: global access level = VIEWER, project access_level = DEVELOPER (the project is private).

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duplicate of 0008249 new DokuWiki user rights 




2007-03-13 00:05

manager   ~0014177

The current code attempt to determine the project id given the wiki namespace, then use the project-specific access level as the group to which the user belongs. The problem with that approach is that a user can probably go to a wiki page that they have access to then navigate to other pages belonging to other pages.

I think the groups should be associated as follows:


This way, the required Wiki access rights can be different per project in the Wiki, so inside the PROJECTA namespace, the required access can be PROJECTA_DEVELOPER and in PROJECTB namespace, the required access can be PROJECTB_DEVELOPER, etc.



2007-03-15 03:21

reporter   ~0014186

Hi Victor,

I have fixed this issue in my Wiki plugin

And I change the namesapce management because with some project name (french name by example), the project name in Mantis is different from the namespace of the dokuwiki (dokuwiki renames the name to remove special characters).

I have also added "Mantis:12:summary" that will be remplaced by the summary of the issue 12 (it works with other fields)



2008-01-24 15:29

reporter   ~0016801

this seems related to 0008249



2018-01-19 17:32

developer   ~0058567

Closing in favor of 0008249 which is actually the same problem, but has a better description of the problem and includes a (very old) patch provided by the community.

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