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Summary0007721: ITIL compliance

I posted a question to support about plans for Mantis to be ITIL compliant (that I must say I found something on the Internet a while ago and can not find it anymore) and got answer from Victor Boctor that I should post an issue.
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library - is set of best practices for IT Management summarized in several books. ITIL is property of UK Office of Government Commerce the same organization that owns Price2 Project Management standard/methodology.
More and more companies with IT departments is starting using ITIL.
I investigated quite a bit and I saw that there are none open source tools that support ITIL. Several big software companies like HP, Mercury, CA offer too expensive ITIL compliant tools. Only certification point for this I found is PinkElephant PinkVerify process (
I see big oportunity for Mantis there (we are using it for 5 years now).
What is ITIL?
As I said it is set of best practices (guidelines) for IT Management.
It can be devided in 2 main areas:
Service Delivery (oriented toward customers: Service Level Management, Availability Management, IT Continuity Management, Capacity Management, Security Management and IT Financial Management)
and Service Support (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Configuration Management).
Where I see the oportunity is more in Service Support area plus Service Level Management.

  1. Adjusting terminology to ITIL (bug -> incident, severity -> impact, urgency -> priority (actualy urgency and impact give priority through Eisenhower matrix))
    Priorities are usualy fixed on low, medium and high.
  2. Defining Service Level Agreement (response, resolution times for incidents, service hours, service window, working/non working days, holidays, ...)
    Alerts on incidents close to resolution time, etc.
  3. Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) with Configuration Items (hardware, software (description), documents, specifications, etc.)
  4. Configurable reporting
  5. E-mail interface so the client can add an issue through e-mail
  6. Defining workflow of the incident (that I would say already exists in Mantis)

Please tell me what you think and feel free to contact me.





2007-06-21 07:58

reporter   ~0014794

I installed Mantis in september 2003 in our bank.
The initial goal was to use it as an "IT-helpdesk" tool.
It is a real success. We're approaching the 100.000° incident.

Now, Mantis has become more than an helpdesk-IT tool.

All Back-Office use or want to use mantis to follow their activity. This has lead me to implement many functionnalities around and inside mantis.

Last year, our leaders decided to outsource the IT-production. The outsourcer works with ITIL methodology. I began to implement ITIL processes in our very-cutomized Mantis.

But I now reach the limit of this customization,

  • it's based on Mantis 0.18 with some components of 0.19 (bug history)
  • Even if I almost respect Mantis coding guidelines, I did not have all the good practices for such a customization (Added more than 15 functionnalities : creating bug / adding a bugnote from an external application, time management, user's group, release management, automatic escalation, user's absences, target date, and many other external applications based on a mantis bug)

I have many global ideas on the way to implement our ITIL interpretation in Mantis.
examples :

  • transforming the field "reproducibility" as "Nature" that can be : "incident, service request, problem, request for change".
  • combinating status & nature to determine, for example, that a "problem" that have been analysed is a "known error" in ITIL terminology
  • implement a data strucure that will contains "Service Level Agreement", and using an automatic escalation to send alerts when an issue is about to break the SLA
  • etc... I'm at the very begining of this analyze of Mantis' ITILization for our Bank

My questions :

  • Are there others persons/companies that are interested in such an ITIL layer over Mantis ?
  • What is the position of the author on that subject? is there something planned ?

Sorry if my approach is not the good one, my experience in developing opensource project is limited to this private customization of Mantis. By lack of time, I haven't shared my sources (yet).



2008-02-05 06:10

reporter   ~0016956


I'm also very much interested in the Mantis feat ITIL topic. At the moment I'm leading a project to start using Mantis as the incident and time tracking utility. Pilot will be 20 members team but goal is to roll it out to the division (100+ people) and the possibily the whole company (500+ employeees).

We have defined up front the requirements for such a tool, Mantis is almost 50% compliant with what we need. Topics like SLA for instance are very important to us.

Maybe it is best to create a number of child feature request as to work towards compliancy.

And maybe one of the first to start on is SLA's as this is used in many many companies and would be a big step up.

Let me know what you think.



2008-02-05 17:47

reporter   ~0016961


our company have been using mantis for many years as well. We have done some modifications to at least have Priority calculated from Impact and Urgency, but I would be very interested in a better, more advanced solution implementing more of the ITIL methodology.

Please let me know.



2008-02-09 21:49

manager   ~0016998

I've created a place holder wiki page that is associated with this issue. Please use it to write the requirements that are necessary for Mantis to achieve such compliance. This can then be used to identify work items and create child issues for them.

Click the [Wiki] link next to the [Send a reminder] to go to the Wiki page.



2008-02-11 09:35

reporter   ~0017008


I'm also very much interested in the Mantis feat ITIL topic.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines



2010-01-14 03:59

reporter   ~0024145

We are also using ITIL here so a ITIL compliant mantis would be cool.

Anyway I think somebody should split that report here, E-Mail interfacting does not directly relate to ITIL, or am I wrong?

Concerning Reporting, we are just creating a plugin "ServiceLevel" (see 0010211)



2010-06-08 05:56

reporter   ~0025757

Hi, we are after SLA functionality is there any plan to integrate this kind of support into Mantis actual?




2010-06-09 03:50

reporter   ~0025777

@jonathh: we're trying to split features out into separate plugins so it is unlikely you'll see new features added to the core of MantisBT. I guess it's possible that we'll add new features and bundle them by default in the plugins/ directory but there will also be a lot of plugins available at or elsewhere.



2010-06-09 04:07

reporter   ~0025783

@dhx: Good idea by the way to bundle plugins that reached some status of maturity.



2010-12-06 06:39

reporter   ~0027546

Hello world,

I have updated the page about Mantis ITIL v3 compliance : [^]

Perhaps could you append your ITIL v3 mantis configurations, experiences, documentations, and source code ;) ?

Thanks for the best BT MANTIS !



2012-09-25 07:59

reporter   ~0032932


We are going to use Mantis for our project as a Defect tracking tool. I just wanted to know whether Mantis supports this particular requirement:

  1. I know we can have multiple projects inside one Mantis server. Can we have different SLAs for the different projects. What I mean is can the administrator define only one SLA for project XX(say a HIGH priority incident needs to be solved in 24 hours) and another SLA for project YY (say a HIGH priority incident needs to be solved in 12 hours).


2012-09-25 08:33

developer   ~0032933

There is no such thing as an SLA built into MantisBT. It would be up to you to define your processes and methods to enforce them. That being said, I vaguely recall some plugins out there that may offer this functionality.



2012-09-25 09:45

reporter   ~0032934

I have created a plugin to preset the duedate (to be found in this bugtracker).
This can be done by project/category.
Perhaps this meets your requirements.



2012-11-16 03:46

reporter   ~0034333

Hi Cas,

Is it possible to send or attach this plugin for SLA?

Thanks advance




2012-11-16 03:51

developer   ~0034335

See 0012522



2012-11-19 06:55

reporter   ~0034346

Hi Dregad,





2014-04-23 04:14

reporter   ~0040134

Hello everybody

Are there new information available about this topic?