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Summary0006934: GNATS to Mantis export

This is a script I made to export data from a GNATS database to a Mantis database. GNATS is the bug tracker of the GNU project. This Perl script export as much data as it can from the GNATS files to the Mantis database. It still lack some features for now, but it is fully explain in the README file.

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  • Tested on a relatively big database (~30 projects for a total of 9000 bugs) with GNATS 3.113 and Mantis 1.0.1
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2007-01-23 17:59

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Per victor's suggestion & comment, can you please re-post our gnats2mantis script?


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 11:24:26 -0800
From: Victor B. <>
To: Attila H. <>
Subject: Re: gnats2mantis missing...

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On 1/23/07, Attila H. <> wrote:

Hi Vitor


User "lifo2" reported that s/he had a script that converted issues from gnats to

The issue's history dhows that the script used to exist but no longer available.

Was there a problem with it?



2008-02-18 18:34

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Ping Colin. If you happen to have around the latest script, I'll take care of adding it to a contrib directory in SVN

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