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Summary0006446: Multiple selection for creation of parent/child relationship

"View Issues" gives the possibility to select multiple issues and these selected issues can for example be assigned to a developer.

It would be a great help if it would be possible to create a relationship in this way, too.

Additional Information

If you use a parent/child relationship for release planning you have to make the relationships one by one. Perhaps you want to solve 100 issues for the next release. In this case you have to create 100 relationships and this takes a long time.

It would be much faster if you just could check these wanted issues and then make all the relationships with a new function "Create relationship".



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2006-05-03 20:51

reporter   ~0012777

Last edited: 2006-05-03 21:07

As mentioned at, I've implemented a "Set Parent" solution.


Make it very simple and easy to move lots of issues between releases which are represented as Parent Issues.


  • an option "Set New Parent" added to combobox in "View Issues" page
  • after selecting issues (checkboxes) and hitting OK, next page loads
  • on this page, can enter an issue number for the new parent
  • all previous child-of relationships for these issues are deleted
  • all issues are assigned child-of the new parent issue


  • Existing child-of relationships will be deleted!! Remember that when you clone issues in mantis, they are made parent-child by default (why? I always use 'related-to'). So if you "Set Parent" on issues that happen to be a child-of another relationship, you'll lose that prior relationship. If this is a problem for you, you could add an "Old Parent" ID field to the dialog, and delete only relationships to that old Parent.

  • Only sets a Child-Of relationship. No provision for other relationship types, though 0006512 will help if you need to set multiple related-tos, for example.

  • NOT READY FOR INTEGRATION INTO MANTIS This is a crude solution for my purposes only, and has only been made available at the request of others. It is not intended to be a Mantis patch and may need to be reworked or rewritten completely.


I've attached the file as It's not in patch format unfortunately, but contains the files I changed in Mantis 1.0.1, and every change I made is bracketed by comments. Search for 'DJC' to find these changes and you shouldn't have any problems applying them to your installation. Back up first! Usual disclaimers apply.

Feel free to modify/improve and repost your changes here.

2006-05-03 20:52 (39,852 bytes)

2008-01-08 21:21 (3,006 bytes)


2008-01-08 21:28

reporter   ~0016597

Last edited: 2008-01-08 21:34

Reimplemented this in 1.1.0 using the new EXT_ plugin model, in attached file

WARNING: Before proceeding be aware that Mantis 1.1.0 supports Target Versions which is a better way of managing numerous issues against release versions. You should ONLY need or use this plugin if you still need to move many child issues from one parent issue to another.

ANOTHER WARNING: This includes DELETE queries. Back up your database! This has worked very well for me but you should test it thoroughly with yours.

To install:

  1. extract to mantis main directory. This should produce bug_actiongroup_force_parent_inc.php in main dir and relationship_force_parent_api.php in /core subdirectory.

  2. Add the four custom strings into custom_strings_inc.php (or language file):

    $s_force_parent_title = 'Set New Parent';
    $s_force_parent_msg = 'Enter the Issue # to set as the new parent.[p/]NOTE : THIS ACTION WILL REMOVE ALL EXISTING PARENTS FOR THE SELECTED ISSUES.[p/]This is a custom feature designed to help with the obsolete "Parent Issue as a Target Version" approach. Mantis now properly implements Target Versions. You should not continue unless you know what you are doing.';
    $s_force_parent_button = 'Set New Parent';
    $s_actiongroup_menu_force_parent = 'Set New Parent';

    (naturally, change square brackets to angle brackets)

  3. Add the action to config_inc.php:

    $g_custom_group_actions = array(
    <<any other custom group actions you have>>,
    array( 'action' => 'EXT_FORCE_PARENT',
    'label' => 'actiongroup_menu_force_parent' )



2008-01-17 06:30

reporter   ~0016697

Hi need some assistance with update. I get the following error when running the function


Page redirection error, ensure that there are no spaces outside the PHP block (<?php ?>) in configinc.php or custom*.php files.

Top of screen: APPLICATION WARNING #100: Configuration option '70' not found.

Relationships are created successfully



2008-01-17 17:16

reporter   ~0016708

Hi boesman,

This sounds like 0008212

Can you check custom_strings_inc.php and config_inc.php again? Sounds like something wrong with or around the <?php and ?> markers.



2008-01-20 23:44

reporter   ~0016740

Hi djcarr, i lookded at it but could not find any white spaces in the two files.

i also get the APPLICATION WARNING #100: Configuration option '70' not found. error showing at the top of the page.



2008-01-21 22:33

reporter   ~0016754

beats me sorry! does anyone else have this problem applying this plugin to 1.1.0?

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