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0006388mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2017-07-15 12:00
Reporterbmarquis65 Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.0rc3 
Summary0006388: Custom fields for notes

I have a need to add some custom fields to the bug notes, however it appears that custom fields may only be added to the issue.

Perhaps the custom field support could be enhanced to allow specification of the location where the custom field is to be used.

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has duplicate 0023104 closedatrol Custom fields for note. 




2005-11-10 11:30

reporter   ~0011608

After reading this again, I think the description is a bit vague.

I'm asking for this feature to be added to Mantis, or at the very least some feedback on how to go about adding custom_field support to notes.



2007-12-07 03:54

reporter   ~0016393

By searching for such a feature I found this and agree to this one.

A more detailed description might be:

custom fields can be configured to be either visible (and additionally required) e.g. on new issues, on resolving or closing them.

I need a custom field, which is shown below entering a note, but is not required.
Additionally it might be filled automatically with a part of the note.



2008-07-15 04:22

manager   ~0018539

Assigning to grangeway since he was working on making custom fields work with entities other than issues.



2010-03-15 06:17

reporter   ~0024750

Last edited: 2010-03-15 06:17

Is there any timepath for this, we are in need for it very much.

Could this easily be done with a plugin?