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0006105mantisbtfilterspublic2012-01-23 09:37
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Summary0006105: Filter "reporter", "monitored" and "assigned to" does not include Members of Subprojects

When I select "all projects" (--> <b>access level viewer</b>), I cannot filter for reporter, monitorers and handlers because the comboxes are empty (i.e. only list the administrators).
This worked in In Mantis 0.19.2 !!
Now the behavior of the filter pendends on the access level one has in "all projects".

I expect the filters should work like the category-filter, which also collects all of the subprojects.

Additional Information

By the way, same problem exist when I structure the projects by means of a parent "empty" project:

I created an "empty" Project just for the purpose to hold 3 subprojects.
All users have access level "viewer" in this parent project, because it is only created to structure the other projects, I don't want to have issues reported here.
Now, Selecting the parent project to view all issues of the 3 subprojects and filtering one bug-handler the combobox "assigned to" is empty (except for the administrator). It does not include the handlers of the subprojects.

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has duplicate 0019825 closedatrol view_all_bug_page: Filter of reporters not showiing reporters of subprojects 




2011-10-20 08:10

reporter   ~0030004

I just experienced the same issue.

We have a project "User Backlog" where some endusers can report issues on our tools.
We have other projects corresponding to our tools we develop.

End-Users are allowed to report only in their project "User Backlog". When the issue is confirmed, it is moved from User Backlog to another project (the project of the tool the issue is related to), in order for the developers to solve the issue.

So all the end-user accounts are created as "Viewer", and then they are assigned to the project "User Backlog" as "Reporter".

Then when we want to filter all the issues reported by a certain reporter, we switch to "All Projects", but in the "Reporter:" filter the end-users names are not listed! <b>NOK</b>

"All projects" includes "User Backlog", so when I want to filter on the reporters of all project, I expect to have also the reporters of local projects like "User Backlog". The filter does not behave here as expected, because they are not listed. It means I have no possibility to filter on them with the current implementation.

Note: reproduced on Mantis 1.2.5.



2012-01-23 09:37

reporter   ~0031006

I just reproduced the issue jleuzinger is describing in his additional information on 1.2.1 and 1.2.8.

Does anybody know what is causing this problem?

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