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0005940mantisbtcustomizationpublic2020-02-29 07:26
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Product Version1.0.0a3 
Summary0005940: Web UI to customize access levels

I think a great feature will be the editability of the acesslevels by name.

So there are still these levels:

$s_access_levels_enum_string = '10:viewer,25:reporter,40:updater,55:developer,70:manager,90:administrator';

so it would be a great deal, if ehre is a php-menue availble to set up new names, add new oder you can clone or inherit with reduced accessebilities.

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related to 0005381 new more flexible group/role/profile/permission management 
child of 0004181 closed Features in Mantis 1.1 release 




2005-07-15 18:34

reporter   ~0010790

Editting the levels is pretty straight forward. The string translations are more difficult.

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