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0005838mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2020-08-09 07:53
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Product Version1.0.0a3 
Summary0005838: text suggestions: Update->Edit/Change, Advanced->Extended, Apply Filter/Use Filter ambigouity

I changed several texts in my custom_strings.php and thought, perhaps someone else might be interested.

Users were confused with the "Update" buttons. Though I am not a native speaker, I believe that with pressing "update", one would expect the program to update the displayed information (e.g. rereading from the database in case it has changed).

$s_actiongroup_menu_update_priority = 'Change Priority';
$s_actiongroup_menu_update_status = 'Change Status';
$s_actiongroup_menu_update_view_status = 'Change View Status';
$s_priority_group_bugs_button = 'Change Priority' ;
$s_status_group_bugs_button = 'Change Status' ;
$s_view_status_group_bugs_button = 'Change View Status';
$s_advanced_update = 'Advanced Editing';
$s_update_simple_link = 'Simple Editing';
$s_update_advanced_link = 'Advanced Editing';
$s_update_bug_button = 'Edit Issue';

Additionally, I think "Extended" is more appropriate than "Advanced", but this will be a matter of taste.

Thirdly, in the filters of view_all_bugs_page there is a "Apply Filter" and a "Use Filter" button. I believe that it´s a little confusing, because the names are not the same, but do not really make a difference (you could swap them). One possibility to solve this minor ambigouity would be to eliminate the "Use Filter" button, if javascript is turned on. (And to be consistent also the "Switch" button near the project selection drop-down).

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related to 0010598 closeddhx Shorten HTML button strings shown when viewing/updating a bug 




2006-09-13 12:46

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part 1 is a duplicate of 0004816



2009-06-23 12:33

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Reminder sent to: siebrand

What are your thoughts on this for 1.3? I tend to agree that "update" is not the best word to be using. "change" is not a bad alternative. Otherwise, "modify" or "edit" could be used. I'm sure there are other options too.



2020-07-27 12:38

reporter   ~0064184

With 2.0 this is obsolete and can be closed.

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