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Summary0005760: Reset project to user's default when [Reset Filter] selected

For any user who works on more than one project (and all of ours do), it is a two step process to see all active issues. Our users therefore have "All Projects" as their default project.

Whenever a user reports an issue, he/she is switched into the project under which the issue is reported. After that, [Reset Filter] only shows the issues under that project, and the user must then explicitly switch to All Projects to see all active issues.

The purpose of [Reset Filter] is to remove filters and allow a user to see all issues, but as it stands at present it doesn't always do so. The results of [Reset Filter] are inconsistent because the Project is not reset.

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2008-08-07 11:02

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Would like developers opinions regarding this.



2009-10-28 12:13

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I would classify this as a 1.3.x feature. Here is my suggestion:

  1. User has "All Projects" selected.
  2. User clicks report issue.
  3. User selects project and gets re-directed to Report Issue page.
  4. User reports the issue and gets redirected to View Issues page.
  5. The current project should still be "All Projects".

If user selected the report more issues checkbox, then all issues will be reported against the previously selected project.

The bottom line is not to change the context of the user due to reporting an issue. The same way we don't change the context when a user views an issue. Note that in the past, we used to switch the context when the user viewed an issue.

The reset filter would continue to behave as is.

Does this make sense?

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