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0005650mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2023-01-09 07:23
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Summary0005650: Investigate/Implement Enhanced Custom Field support

Provisional Ideas:

1, Allow custom fields for more object types:
a) users
b) machine profiles
c) files
d) bugnotes.

2, Possibly investigate 'multi-language custom field value support e.g. enumerations in localized language. (possibly only through additional of an individual custom_function for each enum). Presently this is not possible as we store the english value.

3, Improved administration screen to facilitate 1/2. Maybe allow 'required on X' options for additional bugs states e.g. we currently support resolved/closed. Make this generic so users can implement custom fields for their own states.

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parent of 0005278 new custom field for user accounts 
parent of 0003768 new User details (a kind of profile) 
parent of 0005636 new Store custom fields ids, not their values. 
parent of 0004705 closedvboctor Add Text type in addition to String for custom field types 
parent of 0005656 confirmed Change status to: 'page' not displaying the custom fields in it 
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2007-06-20 04:23

reporter   ~0014776

This will be a very good feature to have.



2008-08-19 14:28

reporter   ~0019180

About point 3:
I had modified 'required on resolved' to work with integer instead of boolean. This way i can specify the lower status in which the field appears.
But i think it should be a lower/higher status, or better, a multiselect list where the administrator can select each status (s)he wants the field appears.



2008-08-19 14:31

reporter   ~0019181

About point 1.a:
It will be useful Mantis notifies the user selected on the custom field. Or let the admin define it.



2016-06-24 09:01

reporter   ~0053441

Is there any way through which I can show custom field in change_status_page .Here Custom field should not be required field.



2018-05-22 06:22

reporter   ~0059916

Have also a look at this issue: 0005744 and this plugin;
Plugin needs te be updated i assume...