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0005009mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-01-18 10:08
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Summary0005009: Being able to know at what step a file was uploaded ?

i need to know what was the status of an issue when a file note was uploaded. To me added files don't have the same meaning wether they are upload in status 10 or 80.

would that be possible ?

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related to 0007835 new Add "Has patch" flag to improve usefulness of the "Upload File" feature 
related to 0008242 closedvboctor Attachments for comments 
related to 0021727 closedvboctor Show attachments inline with notes 
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2004-12-18 01:54

reporter   ~0008719

Again, long term.



2005-04-05 11:27

reporter   ~0009714

File uploads show up in the issue history. Is this sufficient?



2005-06-23 00:26

reporter   ~0010614

I think it would be nice to attatch a comment on a file. Like if the file were attatched to a bugnote.

I know it usefull to have all the files at the same place but i think it can be a good idea to show files as a part of bugnotes and see all file in the bug header.



2006-08-24 14:15

reporter   ~0013326

I second this notion, thnk of it as adding a caption to your screenshot. currently the notes field is far away from the screenshot, and somewhat loses association with it unless filenames are used to identify. It would be so much easier and clearer to add a caption.



2007-08-09 03:12

manager   ~0015380

I am thinking of the following approach:

  1. When uploading files, allow suppling more information about the files. For example, title, description, and possible some attributes like "is patch?", etc.

  2. When displaying the issue, show file attachments in a similar way to the notes, and have them interleaved. For example:

issue details
attachment 1 details
note 1 details
note 2 detials
attachment 2 details

The sorting will be based on the submit timestamp as is currently done for the notes.



2007-08-09 06:00

reporter   ~0015386

That is exactly what I am planning for 0007835.

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