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0004839mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-12-03 09:42
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Summary0004839: Select box for new relationship

It would be handy to have a dropdown selectbox in the "new relationship" field for the issue number related to the current issue.

In the moment you have to enter a "well" known issue ID of a related issue by hand and by knowing the exact ID of the issue.
A real improvent is a dropdown box with a (customizable) amount of last issues IDs together with their summary.

We often create new issues and want to assign this issue immediately to a parent or make a child out of it.

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2005-04-04 06:16

reporter   ~0009705

I'm still missing this feature. So hard to implement?



2005-04-04 09:57

reporter   ~0009706

What criteria would you suggest for the list? Last n issues viewed? Last search?

(Note that autofill in most browsers contains the list of the last numbers entered in the field).



2005-04-06 06:01

reporter   ~0009744

The criteria for the list should be user selectable:

  • n last modified issues (has a high probability to get a additional relationship)
  • n lastest created issues
  • n last issues out of a certain category (e.g. "relationships")

Place this list right to the edit field where to enter the ID.

Browser 'autofill' is possibly not that what is wanted, cause you still have to know exactly the ID of a certain issue.



2005-09-07 06:16

reporter   ~0011349

I'm interested in seeing all bugs. But in this case it's not very comfortable to select one of hundreds from a combobox. Maybe it's more common to place a button beside the editfield that opens a popup with a list of the bugs like a "small version" of the view-issues-page. After selecting an item and closing the popup the ID is filled in the editfield.



2006-07-17 19:31

developer   ~0013107

Another solution might be an AJAX autocomplete option such that when you type in the issue #, it shows the title in the dropdown next to the id number.

Relatively simple to implement, I think it would be useful in conjunction with the suggestion made by andreg for a popup of some kind to allow you to do a search for an issue.

Adding relationships presently is very inconvenient.



2008-02-16 15:23

reporter   ~0017064

Another idea: have a ajax-powered search field with a just-in-time compiled list of matches you can select from, so you can assign relationships by keyword (or tag?).

In the far future, I could imaging some ajax-drag-and-drop for assigning relationships .....



2008-02-16 16:55

reporter   ~0017073

I'd like to vote for a kind of search function too.

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