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Summary0004285: the ability to define a roadmap for a product and version it.

the ability to define a roadmap for a product and version it.

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2004-08-06 09:40

reporter   ~0006695

You can currently create one 'master issue' for a version, and have all the bugs that need to be fixed for that version and features that need to be added for that version as children (see 0003987 here). Is that sufficient, or is there any other functionality you need?



2004-08-06 10:03

reporter   ~0006700

Sorry I probably didnt explain.

When developing a product we often define a roadmap. For example, Where we define what is in each release for the major versions.

Its that functionality with the type of view on roadmap.php.

One way to archive it would be with a parent and children but it would be nice to have an overview like on roadmap.php for printing and giving to clients.



2004-08-06 10:36

reporter   ~0006702

Seems like this can be done with something very much like the ChangeLog, but it can't use the fixed_in_version column (since it is not fixed/done)... it would have to be something like a hope_to_be_fixed_in_version column...

Although, come to think of it.. if there were release dates associated with the versions, then it could use the fixed_in_version, and a version with a future release date would be used for a roadmap and the changelog could ignore it.



2004-08-06 10:38

reporter   ~0006703

Sounds good to me =)



2004-08-06 12:11

reporter   ~0006727

Agreed. DGtlRift, do you want to implement this? ;-)



2005-01-15 10:20

reporter   ~0009028

This could tie in well with 0004218 and 0004904.

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