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Summary0003861: NNTP support

For accessability reasons, a Mantis-to-usenet interface can come in handy. You can check bug reports with standard news readers and with software like Outlook Express you can 'watch a conversation', meaning a quick overview for interesting reports

Additional Information

A text-only news-post is also readable on any OS. Having a read-only NNTP-server, readers can not post and Mantis does not have to take care of incoming info on other ways then now defined. Of course, only public reports should be posted to NNTP.
And yes, I do know Mantis has functionality to watch and track bug reports, but for me NNTP is another way to disclose the information.

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2004-05-24 16:37

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how important is user authentication and properly showing only what is available to that user? What I'm thinking of doing: create the news server app. In the config, you'd be able to set up different newsgroups, each one pointing to a different mysql server. Under each one, you'd have the projects, then category. so, let's say you have two databases you want to connect to and for some reason you're keeping your dev and support separate from each other.


then the server would automatically report



Within each news group it would show the bug description and bug notes would be placed under them, each new note would be shown as a child of the previous (since you cannot add a note in reply to a specific note).

It would be a Delphi NNTP server using the Indy 9.0 TidNNTPServer components -- which would make it a Windows app.

one problem i forsee is that if someone had edited a note or the description, the newsreader wouldn't know to re-request it.

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2007-01-28 07:56

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I have written a plugin to post bugs notifications on a NNTP server.



2015-01-14 04:37

manager   ~0042152

I doubt we will ever get to implement this. If someone is interested, this can be implemented as a plugin.