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0003858mantisbtfilterspublic2019-12-09 10:19
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Summary0003858: "Search" should only search the SUMMARY field, with option to search everything

90% of the time when I use the searchfunction, I'm searching for a word I KNOW is in the Summary field (the "title" of the bug).

Searching for EVERYTHING (it's really just the summary, description and additional information fields I'm guessing) has two obvious downsides: too many searchresults, and slow performance.

My feature suggestion:

  1. Add a checkbox next to the search textfield ("search only summaries") which is checked by default (configurable ofcourse).
  2. When the checkbox is checked, only the summary field is searched.
  3. Add a configuration option for the default state of the checkbox.

Done! :)

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related to 0007183 acknowledged new search function on field and custom field 




2006-02-18 22:22

reporter   ~0012190

I second this feature. My project has Mantis installed on a low-end server, and whenever I use the Keyword Search, Mantis will just timeout.



2006-08-18 20:38

reporter   ~0013299

sounds like trying out whats in bug 7183 will fix your problem (havent tried it myself): 0007183: new search function on field and custom field



2006-08-21 02:48

reporter   ~0013308

0007183 is a good idea but I find it overkill. I only want the possibility to search Summary, Description or [Any].

(Too many features is not a good thing).



2006-08-25 14:45

reporter   ~0013334

I second this. Searching Summary, Description, Notes or [ANY] would be useful.

Also, there is NO search box ANYWHERE but the View Issues page. A little AJAXy magic would be nice to have the search available on any page, but hidden unless needed. I'd be happy to code it.



2006-08-25 15:39

reporter   ~0013335

Good point, i'd be happy to test it. Also, sorry to veer off here, but if its in the same codespace, i'm hoping someone with some ajax/php/sql chops can fold in some 'AND' magic for the search field as well, narrowing the search using multiple keywords is sorely needed!



2009-02-25 04:49

reporter   ~0020932

I'm also interested by this functionality
Do you think the development will come soon ?




2010-04-23 05:42

reporter   ~0025228

I have error in one of the project in searching by "any":

Database query failed. Error received from database was 0001064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 8 for the query: SELECT DISTINCT AS id
FROM mantis_bug_text_table, mantis_project_table, mantis_bug_table

WHERE mantis_project_table.enabled = 1 AND = mantis_bug_table.project_id AND ( mantis_bug_table.project_id=6 ) AND (mantis_bug_table.view_state='10' OR mantis_bug_table.reporter_id='24') AND ( = mantis_bug_table.bug_text_id)OR (summary LIKE '%dcsdc%')
OR (mantis_bug_text_table.description LIKE '%dcsdc%')
OR (mantis_bug_text_table.steps_to_reproduce LIKE '%dcsdc%')
OR (mantis_bug_text_table.additional_information LIKE '%dcsdc%')
OR ( = '0')).

I don;t know what's the problem. Coul you help me please ?




2014-01-25 09:47

developer   ~0039186

Unassigned after having been assigned for a long time without progress.



2019-01-08 06:57

reporter   ~0061165

Is there any progress in this? Using Version 2.10.0 and this little but helpful feature is still not available



2019-12-09 10:19

reporter   ~0063211

There is a different approach in 0026447. I find it more appropriate to use prefixes instead of an additional checkbox.

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