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0003759mantisbtattachmentspublic2019-03-05 16:47
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Summary0003759: Duplicate bug is created when resubmitting after file upload failure

If you try to upload a file type that is not allowed, you get an error message that indicates the failure and says click the back button to correct the failure. When creating a new bug, clicking back, correcting the problem, and resubmitting creates a duplicate bug.

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2012-01-17 13:06

developer   ~0030931

As per 0012860 and 0013764, the same problem occurs when uploaded file size is larger than the limit set in config_inc.php



2013-02-05 14:01

reporter   ~0035035

Hello, is there a solution for this issue?



2014-01-12 17:27

reporter   ~0039027

Last edited: 2014-01-12 17:27

I want to point out that when uploading an unsupported attachment, the falsely created issue won't cause any emails to be sent, even if you have enabled email notifications for new issues.

Attachment upload problems are by far the most common errors to be encountered on my issue tracker, so I often get these duplicate issues, so it would be great to see this being addressed.



2016-02-08 07:24

developer   ~0052486

What is the desired behaviour, when a file upload fails?

Create the issue, but skipping the failed attachment, and possibly, showing a warning?
or not creating the issue?.



2016-02-08 08:10

developer   ~0052487

I would personally prefer a complete failure (just like when a mandatory field is not populated), but the other option would be fine too - and a warning would definitely be required in this case..



2016-02-08 11:21

developer   ~0052488

There is a problem though.
Files cant be attached before the issue is created, because it needs the bug_id.
When the file upload fails, the bug is already created.

If file storage were independent of bug ids, and "temp" files could be uploaded, at that point you could easily fail before creating the issue, or manage the errors more gracefully.

Without drastic changes in file api, at the moment seems easier to manage the error, show a warning to the user, and skip the file.

another (complex) solution would be implementing drafts. As part of other functions that may provide, a draft would serve as a preliminary bug report, and a holder for temporary uploaded files.



2016-02-08 12:35

developer   ~0052489

Exactly the reason why I haven't fixed this yet ;-)

But if you want to go ahead and implement the warning option, that's fine with me.



2016-02-08 13:27

reporter   ~0052490

As a user, I would also very much prefer to solve it this way, since form input data can easily be lost depending on server configurations and the like when using the back button.