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0003728mantisbtotherpublic2004-05-17 10:26
Reporterastax Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version0.18.2 
Summary0003728: CSV export shows " instead of real quotes in bug title

When clicking "CSV export" link on bugs list page, resulting file contains " instead of real quotes in "summary" column.

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2004-04-07 05:42

manager   ~0005350

I re-implemented csv export in CVS code, and I think I fixed this problem. Check it out and let me know if you find any issues.



2004-04-07 05:57

reporter   ~0005351

Sorry, I'm not familiar with mantis CVS tree and don't know how to get latest snapshot. Can anybody else test this?

2004-04-07 06:30 (3,162 bytes)


2004-04-07 06:31

manager   ~0005352

Backup your csv_export.php, then copy the two files in the zip file to your Mantis directory. They should work with 0.18.2 (I think).



2004-04-08 03:11

reporter   ~0005354

Yes, this fixed the problem with quotes, thank you.

But now when I'm opening resulting CSV file in Excel (Office 2000 russian, bild 9.0.2812) it says "SYLK: invalid file format". I had already seen this problem earlier. It's caused by capitals in header line:
ID,Project,Reporter,Assigned To,Priority,Severity.....

If I manually replace "ID" with "id" or even "Id", file is open without any problems. I believe Excel tries to identify file format and for some reason thinks it's not CSV, but SYLK.



2004-04-08 06:30

reporter   ~0005355

This problem is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base;en-us;323626&Product=xlw

As you can see it applies to all versions of MS Office, so I think it's reasonable to make a workaround for this. Probably just slightly changing name of the first column - Bug ID, Id, ID or whatever.



2004-04-08 07:18

manager   ~0005356

Fixed in CVS. Will be available in the next release.

Thanks astax for chasing up the SYLK problem.

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MantisBT: master 39631f16

2004-04-08 11:05:12


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Fix 0003728: CSV export shows " instead of real quotes in bug title.

M csv_export.php
- The main bug was fixed in the re-implementation of the csv export done earlier.
- This commit fixes the error "SYLK: invalid file format" error that used to be prompted by Excel.

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