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0030812mantisbtotherpublic2022-08-10 23:30
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Summary0030812: "Copy Categories From" copies global categories

When using the "Copy Categories From" button when editing a project, all Global (All Projects) categories as well as local categories are copied across.

Tested this with a project that has "Inherit Global Categories" checked as well as when this is unchecked. In both cases Global categories are copied.

Only Local categories should be copied across. Possibly when "Inherit Global Categories" is UNchecked you may want to include Global categories but ideally they just check the box rather than copy them from another project.

Steps To Reproduce

Edit a project
"Copy Categories From" another project.
You'll see Global categories are copied as local categories.

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2022-08-04 13:03

developer   ~0066859

Only Local categories should be copied across

I agree.




2022-08-05 12:44

developer   ~0066868

Following discussion with @atrol in the original PR, I just submitted an alternative approach providing more flexibility by letting the user decide whether the copy operation should be restricted to the source project's "local" categories, excluding the global ones as well as those inherited from the parent project(s) or not.