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0029746mantisbtuipublic2023-03-02 04:18
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Product Version2.25.1 
Summary0029746: Want ability to copy Assigned Projects from an existing User to a new User.

New members of a team usually need the same project assignments and permissions as their existing teammates.

It would be helpful if a MantisBT administrator could create a new User and copy the Project assignments from an existing User, similar to how you can copy Users, or Versions, or Custom Fields from one Project to another.

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2022-03-18 14:46

reporter   ~0066376

If you can't provide Copy User, can you at least improve the <b>Add user to project</b> UI? When you have users with lots of projects and different access levels, that tiny <b>Unassigned Projects</b> multi-selection box is really hard to navigate.

And when you need to change a user's access level, you currently have to remove the project from that user's list, find it in the Unassigned Projects list (again), and then re-add. If you only have one such change for that user, it's easier to do it from the Projects UI. But if you have several changes, it takes more time than it should.