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0029452mantisbtGeneralpublic2022-01-16 05:45
ReporterSONIKA Assigned Toatrol  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Summary0029452: No user getting any emails through mantisbt even though all notification settings are enabled

Not getting any emails through mantisbt for any kind like add, update, assign, reset the password, and so on.
Version: 2.24.4

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2022-01-05 14:36

developer   ~0066144


This is most likely not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to configure the system). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).
When doing that, start reading
If you don't find a solution, create a new post in the forum where you provide at least your email configuration settings.
Try also running admin/check/index where you might get some errors or warnings that might help to fix the issue.

If you still are not able to fix the problem, feel free to reopen the issue (before that, first update to latest stable version, which is 2.25.2 at the moment).