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0029255mantisbtemailpublic2021-11-26 15:16
Reporterashdew Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Summary0029255: Ihelp 1.28 :Email blocked with bare line feeds are illegal

Dear Team,

We have an Ihelp 1.28 and we are facing email being blocked for a client where their security appliance is rejecting mail from ihelp.


The client has highlighted the ihelp email but these security setting must be disabled globally which the client is not willing to do.

Can you please assist us ?
I cannot find the patch for our version.


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2021-11-09 07:27

developer   ~0065997

Not sure what ihelp is, and in what way this would be caused by a bug in MantisBT.
Are you sure you are using the right issue tracker ? If so, please provide additional information.



2021-11-09 07:35

reporter   ~0065998

Sorry, IHELP is our internal naming
We are on the following version
MantisBT Version 1.2.8
Schema Version 183

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image.png (5,482 bytes)   


2021-11-09 12:57

developer   ~0066001

1.2.8, really !? I'm sorry, but that was released over 10 years ago, and the 1.2.x branch is no longer supported so I will resolve this issue as "no change required". Please upgrade your system, to benefit from numerous bug fixes and improvements, including nearly 150 security issues.

FYI, MantisBT relies on the PHPMailer library to send e-mails, and 1.2.8 bundles a really outdated version of that (5.1.0), which you really should not be using in production today.

I'm pretty sure your problem is due to that obsolete software, and that it has been fixed in newer releases of the library when it standardized on CRLF line endings.

Should the problem persists with a recent MantisBT 2.x version, then feel free to reopen this issue, and provide additional information to help diagnose the issue - the offending e-mail, and details about the error on the receiving end.