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0029052mantisbtsignuppublic2021-09-09 08:30
Reporterjeromedl Assigned To 
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Product Version2.25.1 
Summary0029052: First connection screen inverts username and real-name fields

When creating a new user with username "john.doe" and real name "John DOE", on first connection screen, the two fields are inverted in the screen (see screenshots), so the user has to reenter their username for the registering process to complete.

Steps To Reproduce

Create the user as described
Receive the connection email and click on the link
See the displayed page

Additional Information

This issue generates tons of support requests from our customers who are not paying attention to what is displayed, even if warned before.
The current behavior is really not user-friendly!

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related to 0024345 new Add bug-contextual classes in the generated HTML pages for easier CSS customization 




2021-09-09 04:19


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2021-09-09 05:56

developer   ~0065826

  • john.doe is the user name; once set, the user cannot change it (but admins can).
  • John DOE is the realname; the verify.php page is giving the user a chance to update that.

So, the system works as designed. The fields are not "inverted".
I'm not sure I understand what the problem is.



2021-09-09 06:30

reporter   ~0065828

You're right. Sorry for my mistake.
You can discard this issue.

So I need to understand what my clients are doing as we experience really a lot of issues with this registration phase.
It might be caused by this unusual (i.e. what can be usually seen on change password screens on different websites) field where the real name can be changed.




2021-09-09 06:52

developer   ~0065829

What could be the cause for confusion, is that there is no separate label for the realname field; if there is no content, Mantis will display a light-gray label within the text area itself (like for the password fields in your screenshot), but since you preset the Realname when creating the account, the users do not see this indication.

IIRC this was designed that way based on the more common self-registration process, where the users are not able to set the realname in the initial account creation, so the verify page allows them to set it.

Maybe displaying a separate label for the realname field on the verify page would avoid the confusion.



2021-09-09 08:17

reporter   ~0065830

That makes sense.

In our company, we systematically provide a real user name when creating a new account.
I was thinking of not showing this field with custom CSS, but due to the fact that the generated HTML lacks classes (cf. 0024345 ), this is quite difficult to do without fearing side effects (e.g. on verify page, I miss a class for body to target this very page, and a distinguished class for each input field – even if I could use a "nth" selector).