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0029046mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2021-09-09 06:06
Reporterandyetc1000 Assigned To 
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Product Version2.25.1 
Summary0029046: Session timeout in Mantis

I found some past tickets here with these keywords but no permanent solution that I could see.

Problem: I start a new issue report and even if I only take 5 min to write it, when I click Submit Issue, Mantis will go back to some earlier screen like All Projects, ,and my issue report was not saved at all.

Temporary solution that works sometimes: I press Control-R before I start my new issue report but only helps sometimes.

What I have done: the php timeout settings are maxed out so that cannot be the issue

Please help, this is really killing my team's error reporting mojo

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2021-09-07 05:39

developer   ~0065821

Your description is somewhat confusing (e.g. what do you mean by "All Projects screen" ?), and you are not providing much details either (e.g. error messages, logs...)

Anyway your problem sounds like, so most likely a system configuration issue and not a bug in Mantis.



2021-09-08 17:09

reporter   ~0065825


  1. Mantis is idle on "All Projects" (see A in the attached picture)
  2. I use the drop down shown the picture to select another project (see B in the attached picture as an example)
  3. Now Mantis shows project "B" as selected
  4. I click on Report Issue while (I assume) I am "in project B"
  5. I create an issue and click on Save - at that moment Mantis returns to "All Projects" (see A) and the default view - the Issue is not saved at all, there is no trace of it, there is no error message

This has been going on since I had Mantis installed on AWS through Bitnami.

image.png (85,794 bytes)   
image.png (85,794 bytes)   


2021-09-09 06:06

developer   ~0065827

I am not able to reproduce your problem.

When you select a project as per your screenshot, you're indeed setting it as default so you are indeed "in project B". Any issue you create will be in this project.
Upon submission of the New Issue report form, you should see a confirmation page with 2 buttons, allowing you to either view the newly created issue, or go to View Issues page.
There is no returning to "All Projects"

Maybe this is something Bitnami does.