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0026995mantisbtemailpublic2020-06-13 06:14
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PlatformGEODE 2.24.1OSdebianOS Version10.4
Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026995: "In-Reply-To" field malformation in the email header

After MantisBT upgrade to 2.41.1 (from 2.18) this field has changed :

Before :
In-Reply-To: <>

After (furthermore in 2 lines) :
In-Reply-To: =?us-ascii?Q?<5db478f8f0f50bb69887094ebbb7a6d8@geode.asso-co?=

Have I made something wrong ?

Additional Information

This field is useful to display emails per conversation

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2020-05-29 07:51

developer   ~0064041

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I would not qualify this as malformed - it is valid RFC2047 Q-encoding , which is folded (see RFC 822 section 3.1.1) to avoid header corruption when the lines are longer than 63 chars.

If your software is choking on that, then it means it is not standards-compliant.

The change in behavior was introduced in PHPMailer 6.1 (see, MantisBT release 2.23.0.



2020-05-29 09:52

reporter   ~0064046

Okay, I learned something today !

I'm not really surprised that Outlook isn't standards-compliant, but more about Zimbra and Thunderbird.
I might have something to do on my end...



2020-05-29 10:14

developer   ~0064048

TBH, I'm not an expert, but PHPMailer's maintainer is so I'm pretty sure he fully validated that before merging the change.

BTW You have not explained what the actual problem is, on the mail client side.



2020-05-29 10:19

reporter   ~0064049

Forgive me for not being explicit in the ticket.
The mails of the same ticket were grouped together in conversation in the mail client and are no longer grouped together since the upgrade we did.

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