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0026992mantisbtfeaturepublic2020-05-29 03:55
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Summary0026992: Mantis could be empowered with jQuery's select2 or a different select update

With large number of values, the classic "option/select" is not functional any longer.

We added select2 ( to mantis and included some javascript:

function update_select2() {
        // leave manage_user_edit_page, because here the standard select has advantages
        if ( document.URL.indexOf("manage_user_edit_page.php") == -1 ) {
                jQuery("select").each(function() {
                    if (!this.disabled  && this.options.length > 12 ) {


Perhaps this could have been integrated more beautifully in the code, but it works and gives beautiful results.

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2020-05-28 07:07

reporter   ~0064031

Works e.g. for versions, tags, usernames, ...

grafik.png (5,413 bytes)   
grafik.png (5,413 bytes)   
grafik-2.png (4,366 bytes)   
grafik-2.png (4,366 bytes)   
grafik-3.png (5,279 bytes)   
grafik-3.png (5,279 bytes)   
grafik-4.png (6,701 bytes)   
grafik-4.png (6,701 bytes)   


2020-05-29 03:55

developer   ~0064037

Interesting idea.

That said, for me the main issue with standard SELECT is when the options list is very long (e.g. system with many thousands of users, see 0025666) as in this case it can even cause the browser to hang or crash. So if we were to use a widget like the one you're suggesting, it would need to be more tightly integrated than what just replacing existing selects, to be able to use remote datasets.

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