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0026810mantisbtuipublic2020-05-18 16:04
Reporterbugzz Assigned Todregad  
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Summary0026810: Inconsistent UX

The Update Information button is inconsistent with normal UX practices.

  1. The Update Information button performs a SAVE function for header fields, Summary, and Description.
  2. The very same Update Information button performs an OPEN function to get at Notes fields.

This makes no sense. A single button should not perform disparate functions.

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2020-03-25 06:18

developer   ~0063791

The very same Update Information button performs an OPEN function to get at Notes fields.

I don't understand this bit. Can you clarify what you mean and where you find this usage ?



2020-04-19 15:34

developer   ~0063857


You did not provide any feedback; I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Feel free to reopen the issue at a later time and provide the requested information.



2020-04-22 12:48

reporter   ~0063892

It's written in plain English. I can't help you further.



2020-04-23 04:18

developer   ~0063898

I can't help you further.

Well, neither can I then. Sorry.

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