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0026738mantisbtattachmentspublic2020-02-25 05:09
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Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026738: WebP attachments are not forced to display inline

file_download.php builds a local array of mime types that will be forced to display inline: $t_mime_force_inline

This array does not include 'image/webp', and cannot be overridden, so WebP images are forced to download. It would be better to allow them to display inline as per other image formats. Of the popular web browsers, only IE11 and Safari browsers cannot display WebP images, so I reckon it's no risk to allow WebP images to display inline always.

If it is considered a risk, then perhaps $t_mime_force_inline can be made a configuration item that can be overridden in local configs for people who don't care about IE11 and Safari.

Steps To Reproduce
  • attach a WebP image to a bug
  • view the bug, seeing the image expanded inline
  • click on the image and note that you are forced to download it
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