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0026680mantisbtapi restpublic2020-02-07 04:10
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Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026680: Add extra field in JSON input for issue add/update to interact with plugins

Use case
I have and planning application that needs to create a MANTIS BUG when a PLANNING ASK is created, and we need to have in the MANTIS TICKET a reference to the PLANNING TASK UUID, on a specific plugin table.
I do not want to use CUSTOM FIELDS

Right now if you add one or more additional attributes in the JSON used to call the Mantis REST API, no error is thrown but these attributes dos are not added to the issue object in IssueAddCommand.php code

=> $this->issue = new BugData; (line 240)

IMHO il will be useful is ONE additional attribute 'extra' will be added AS IS, in order to be managed in the plugin method related to bug add/update

hope the request is clear


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