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0026670mantisbtwebpagepublic2020-02-04 06:02
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PlatformApache/2.4.25 (Debian)OSDebianOS VersionStretch-slim
Product Version2.22.2 
Summary0026670: After updating project informations we should stay on the project page

If you are on the page "manage_proj_edit_page.php?project_id=**" for a project and that you update the data on the first section on the page after validation you should stay on the same page and not going back to the page "manage_proj_page.php".
"Adding a category" behave well : after validation we stay on the current project.

Steps To Reproduce

With admin rights regarding a project go on the page
Update the data of the project and validate.
You will go back to the page "manage_proj_page.php" instead of staying on the page "manage_proj_edit_page.php".

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