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0026618mantisbtotherpublic2020-01-22 04:40
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Summary0026618: Consistency Issue bug_update.php


just an annotation, please make the events in bug_update.php consistent.

  • line 402: EVENT_UPDATE_BUG_DATA has ( $t_updated_bug, $t_existing_bug)
  • line 435: EVENT_UPDATE_BUG has ( $t_existing_bug, $t_updated_bug)

It would be better if both events have the same sequence.

EDIT [dregad] added bullets, line numbers and corrected event name.

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2020-01-21 18:36

developer   ~0063487

While the change on the Mantis side is indeed trivial, it would not be backwards-compatible, forcing all plugins hooking the modified event to update their code.

Consequently, although it would be nice to be consistent, I'm not so keen on implementing this change. Maybe other devs have a different opinion.



2020-01-22 04:40

developer   ~0063489

+1 to 0026618:0063487
Even if we would announce the change, I don't expect that all affected 3rd party devs will notice it and change their code.
Unfortunately this is a won't fix.

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