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0026604mantisbtupgradepublic2020-06-19 13:35
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Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026604: Problem with upgrade

Hello, I have a problem with the mantis upgrade from version 2.2.0 to the current 2.23.0 or according to information from the forum, to version 2.24.0 . I did all the steps in accordance with the upgrade procedure, but when I run the install.php script I have a problem connecting to the database (psql). Authorized user has full rights to the database. I am asking for help what can cause this problem.

-Attempting to connect to database as admin BAD
Does administrative user have access to the database? ( Database connection failed )
-Checking Database Server Version POSSIBLE PROBLEM
Unable to determine 'pgsql' version. ().

The other fields are verified correctly and I receive the information GOOD.

Best regards

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related to 0022091 confirmed install.php raises "BAD - Does administrative user have access to the database?" 




2020-01-17 05:03

developer   ~0063456

This simply means that Mantis was not able to connect to your database using the provided information. The installer gives you the option to provide a separate, admin account but it can be the same as your regular account (in some installations, an account with lower privileges is used for everyday operations). Make sure you're using the correct credentials and DB connection parameters.

I'm afraid there's not much more we can do to help... This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to configure the system). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).



2020-01-23 08:05

reporter   ~0063499

It's not good implemented. In install.php is called connect do db without db
$t_result = @$g_db->Connect( $f_hostname, $f_admin_username, $f_admin_password);

without db, postgres connects to default database called template1 (at least connect privilege)

Mostly you have defined one user which have rights to own db.

so for upgrade (when db exists) is needed add db name (db already exists), eg.:
$t_result = @$g_db->Connect( $f_hostname, $f_admin_username, $f_admin_password, $f_database_name);

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