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0026599mantisbtdb schemapublic2020-01-15 17:32
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Summary0026599: Update ADOdb to 5.21.0

ADOdb library version 5.21.0 is expected to be released soon.

This issue is to keep track of the upgrade and related issues.

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2020-01-15 11:15

developer   ~0063440

As mentioned by @obmsch in 0026596:0063437

Difference in generated db schema with mssqlnative driver
5.20: [text] NULL
5.21: [text] NOT NULL, Default ''



2020-01-15 17:32

reporter   ~0063444

Additional information about the scope of the behavioural changes for BLOBs in ADOdb-5.21 for MantisBT:

1) Only 'X', 'X2', 'XL' and 'B' are affected.
2) The Oracle (oci8) driver '' is not adjusted(yet).
3) No 'X2' in 'schema.php'.
4) The two 'B's in 'schema.php' (bug_file.content, project_file.content) should be Ok with 'mysql', 'mssql', 'postgres',
as [2] -> [203] and [29] -> [204] anticipate. But 'oci8'?
5) One 'X' in 'schema.php' (need to check).
6) 'XL' should be Ok with 'mysql', 'mssql', 'postgres' (not touched formerly, now handled equally). But 'oci8'?

@dregad This all boils down to [2,4,6] and [5]. No idea about this Oracle stuff, but that should be fixed before 5.21 is released.
I file an issue anyway.