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0025956mantisbtinstallationpublic2020-08-17 05:08
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.25.0 
Summary0025956: Increase minimum PHP requirement to 7.0

Since MantisBT 2.0.0 we officially support PHP 5.5.9 and later, aligned with Ubuntu14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr" release (as per discussion in 0021841).

PHP 5.5 is EOL since 21 Jul 2016, and PHP 5.6 support ended 31 Dec 2018 so I think it's finally time to put 5.x behind us.

Continuing our strategy to align requirements with Ubuntu LTS releases, the oldest one as of this writing is 16.04 Xenial Xerus, which comes bundled with PHP 7.0 by default. Note: 7.0 is also EOL since 31 Dec 2018.

Additional Information

Maintaining compatibility with PHP 5.x is becoming increasingly difficult, as more and more libraries and tools are dropping support for it (e.g. PHPUnit, and many others).

Travis CI is defaulting to Xenial for builds since May 2019 [1], and PHP 5.5 is not available at all under this distribution (see #25955). We can force use of Trusty for now to keep things working, but we need to make the switch at some point.

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2019-08-03 09:45

developer   ~0062498

I'm ok with this.



2019-08-03 10:14

developer   ~0062499

I am also ok with this when speaking about my own installations.

But keep in mind that I introduced a hard check for minimum PHP version in version 2.13.0 to fix 0024128.
So upgrading from 2.x 2.20.0 would stop some (maybe even quite a lot) of installations.

The general problem is, that we don't offer some kind of LTS version.



2019-08-03 11:05

developer   ~0062500

keep in mind that I introduced a hard check for minimum PHP version

Well if we require a minimum version, then I think it's normal that the software should fail with a message when the requirement is not met.

Even if technically, MantisBT would still work with older PHP versions, we can always instruct users who get stuck because they can't upgrade PHP on their server for whatever reason, to try - at their own risk of course - to change value of PHP_MIN_VERSION in their config.



2019-08-03 11:43

developer   ~0062501

to change value of PHP_MIN_VERSION in their config

Not possible at the moment. The check is done before config_inc.php is included. There was a good reason to check it in a very early state.
See also discussion on the PR



2019-08-25 16:42

manager   ~0062655

I always assumed that 2.0.0 we had PHP 7 as the target version, and support for PHP 5.x was best effort. Given that all 5.x are out of support, I think we should make PHP 7 a hard requirement and move on.



2020-03-13 17:35

reporter   ~0063758

Please do not underestimate the impact on users... and make this change very explicit.
I've found this ticket "by chance"... and i'm currently preparing my whole site to be PHP7 capable in order to upgrade to PHP7 before it gets released.... which takes me a lot of code rewritting, in particular to move from mysql to mysqli extension...



2020-03-16 10:48

reporter   ~0063766

to be updated



2020-03-16 10:57

developer   ~0063767

@Kyle_Katarn what has to be updated?



2020-03-16 12:24

reporter   ~0063768

The above mentionned web page, once PHP 7 becomes required.



2020-08-17 05:03

developer   ~0064265

Based on the general consensus, I'm planning to implement this in the next release (2.25.0).

Note: Xenial will enter extended support maintenance mode in April 2021, at which point the oldest LTS release with standard support will be 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" which is on PHP 7.2 [1] so we might go through this again in a few months.

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