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0025757mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-06-19 06:09
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Product Version2.5.1 
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Summary0025757: Custom function on Move ( bug action group )


I would like to use a custom function to validate the move of a ticket.

After analyse the move function appear like a bug_action_group and doesn't use custom function.

However, I can see in comment a help_call_custom_function which could have this function. We can also see this comment in the latest version.

It it plan to include this line ? Is there an official patch ?
Or maybe it is just a forgets


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related to 0006830 closedvboctor custom_function_override_issue_delete_notify and custom_function_override_issue_update_notify are not being triggered 
has duplicate 0025871 resolveddregad Custom function on Move ( bug action group ) 




2019-05-14 09:42

developer   ~0062062

I can see in comment a helper_call_custom_function which could have this function

This was introduced by @vboctor in 0006830. I'm sure there was a reason for only adding a comment and not implement the actual helper function call, maybe he'll care to comment. I don't have time for a deeper look at the moment.



2019-05-21 08:19

reporter   ~0062106


During development of plugin I found another similar problem.
The EVENT_BUG_UPDATE isn't triggered when we modify an issue by using bug_actiongroup.

Is it normal ?

To resume I think the bug action group should trigger automatically Update event and custom_function



2019-05-28 09:36

reporter   ~0062149


Could you explain me or help me ?



2019-06-12 08:37

reporter   ~0062242

Do I have to create an other post to contact or have a response from vboctor ?

I just want to know why this event aren't triggered and are commented.


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