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0025688mantisbtapi restpublic2019-04-21 02:53
ReporterMaurycy Assigned Tocommunity  
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Summary0025688: Inconsistent naming of `username` field in REST API

When creating the user via API we define user name in field username, but when API return the user object by eg. /api/rest/users/me the user name is in field name.

IMHO it should be everywhere username.

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2019-04-11 10:19

developer   ~0061887

I confirm that the payload's field name is not consistent with the one returned in the API's body.

However, please consider that MantisBT APIs (both SOAP and REST) have been using name instead of username in this context since release 1.1.0a4 (2007), and I don't think such inconsistency is worth breaking backwards-compatibility.

Maybe @vboctor will care to comment.



2019-04-11 11:17

reporter   ~0061891

For it to be username was obvious to me (I started with API creating user) but if it will break backwards-compatibility you can use name - just to be consistent.



2019-04-13 02:51

manager   ~0061919

Looks like we use name when returning issues and logged in user. So the create operation is what is not consistent. username makes sense, but name is used for other entities like statuses, versions, view_states, categories, etc.

Hence, I suggest the fix would be that user create accepts both name and username. If both are specified, then use name.



2019-04-15 02:51

reporter   ~0061934

That's ok with me ;-)



2019-04-16 09:19

reporter   ~0061944


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MantisBT: master 9baef465

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Fixes 0025688 - Inconsistent naming of username field in REST API. Affected Issues
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