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0025650mantisbtuipublic2019-04-21 02:53
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.21.0Fixed in Version2.21.0 
Summary0025650: Show status with a color square instead of background color on Bug Update Page

On Bug Update Page, a visual clue of the issue's current status is given by setting the background color according to $g_status_color (see attached).

This is not consistent with the rest of the MantisBT UI, where status is indicated with a color square.

Follows discussion in 0023550

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related to 0023550 closeddregad Modification to status colors css 


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MantisBT: master 0e56fecc

2019-03-25 03:48


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Use color square instead of background color

Fixes 0025650
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