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0025361mantisbtintegrationpublic2019-01-23 12:53
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Product Version2.19.0 
Summary0025361: Custom Fileds no show

I found bug with Custom Fields.

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If selected items (attachment image) in Custom Fields then no show on bug_report_page.php

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2019-01-21 00:37


A.png (33,804 bytes)   
A.png (33,804 bytes)   


2019-01-21 00:43

reporter   ~0061256

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...if i am logged lower level than developer.

I want show custom field/s on bug_report_page.php for reporting but no show field/s on view.php for lower level acces than developer.

will not solve the problem or add it to "configuration report" as "bug_report_page_fields", "complex"
array (
0 => 'attachments',
1 => 'priority',
2 => 'view_state',
3 => 'custom_e-mail',



2019-01-23 12:53

reporter   ~0061280

If settings as on this image and write access select to lower level than write access then show error APPLICATION ERROR 0001306.

I want for situation if create custom field as e-mail, mobil, etc. (for anonamous users) and i want show this custom filed on bug_report_page.php page but not show on view.php.

Can I modify or solve it? I want other unauthorized users (by level autorization (reporter, updater, etc.)) do not to have access to private data (from Custom Fields) on view.php.


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