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0025204mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2019-01-15 06:10
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Summary0025204: Custom field of user type ->All users.

Custom field of user type ->All users.

Additional Information

Hi Team,

can anyone help me regarding this one, i want to add a custom field that would populate all the users(reporter/dev/manager)

I tried with many patches and diff file available but nothing seems to work with this mantis version 2.15.0.
As there has been many changes in the latest core files (core/filter_api.php) of 2.15.0.

Can anyone help me with any patches for 2.15.0 version, Its urgently required?

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related to 0025223 feedback Custom Field Exactly like the default "Assigned To" Field with all email notifications about issue. 




2019-01-11 03:06

developer   ~0061205


This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to configure the system). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).

Before that, read



2019-01-14 06:08

reporter   ~0061227

Thanks @atrol

I checked and was able to populate users as dynamic enum custom field, but again my basic request was to create an custom filed just as the "Assigned to" in the report bug page, which when used the selected users are notified with an email about the issue,
Which is not happening in the custom enum dynamic field, just users names are populating.

Don't you think its a feature request? to send email notification too, in the Custom field of User type. Please inform if i am missing any thing here.

Thanks & Regards

2019-01-14_163010.PNG (131,900 bytes)
2019-01-14_163010.PNG (131,900 bytes)


2019-01-14 10:43

developer   ~0061230

You won't be able to achieve what you want with just custom fields.

Sure it could be considered as a feature request to have user-linked CF that includes selected user(s ?) in e-mail notifications, but this is not what you requested above.



2019-01-14 12:11

reporter   ~0061231

Hey @dregad Thanks for replying.

Can you help me with any patches available for v2.15.0 and above, because i tried ever similar patch available in similar issue's like 0003790,0004640,0014565 but some core files are completely changed and now they won't support the previous patches.

I just want the selected users to be notified.

Thanks & Regards



2019-01-15 03:17

developer   ~0061232

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While seeing your latest note and 0025223.
@AlokSharma isn't the existing Monitor / Send a Reminder functionality (Add users that are notified) what you want?



2019-01-15 04:16

reporter   ~0061234

Yes atrol I am looking for something similar to the Monitor Users Functionality, but I want that functionality to be seen in the report bug page with predefined Username values(static/dynamic).

And Currently with the Monitor Issue Functionality-> the user doesn't receive an email on issue creation, he gets informed only when the issue is updated, besides the monitor functionality is not present in the report issue page.



2019-01-15 05:31

developer   ~0061235

In response to 0025204:0061231...
I'm sorry but I do not have any spare time to help you with that, not to mention that I have no idea what patches you are referring to.
Furthermore, I would advise against modifying MantisBT code, and recommand that you develop a simple plugin that does what you want instead.



2019-01-15 06:10

reporter   ~0061239

Thanks @dregad anyways.

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